Love in spring

Spomladanska zaljubljenost

Dear all, I have something to admit. Despite my firm intentions and promises it caught me again. I just can’t help it. On Valentine’s day I’ll first give flowers to my wife, so that there won’t be bad blood. But then I’ll go and treat my other love.

This relationship lasts for two decades now, for better and for worse. Someone said that the real mistress is the one who stays in your life even when you remarry. I don’t have a plan to remarry, but I’m still not ready to give up my night exits. I’m used to these hours when I forget everything else and indulge in a faster heartbeat and excessive sweating. What can I do, I’m a bit addicted to these pleasant feelings. I know that the freshly in love and the veterans get me. The passion is overwhelming and finally you find time and just go. Only the one who’s never tried is going to say that running is a boring activity.

My first years of being in love with running have long been gone. At that time, I needed a daily dose of happiness hormones and couldn’t image a life without them. But like every long-term relationship this one has matured from initial passion to sometimes more, sometimes less intense experience of life. Sometimes I barely think of running for weeks or even months. Cold and moisture, darkness and leaning on a warm radiator successfully draw my attention away from my beloved physical activity. And then spring is getting closer.

Spring, oh spring! The whole rational part of my brain makes way for playfulness when I feel a warm breeze and the rays of afternoon sun. I would spend hours and hours running on my favorite tracks like a calf. Even though I explained to a running rookie that when spring comes you should start running gradually and slowly maybe just a few hours ago, I don’t put much weight on my own advice now. Some pleasures are just too good to constrain them with rules.

Ha! No wonder I’m bursting with energy now since I’ve procrastinated the whole winter, warming my bones inside and resting. I admit, there is some truth in it. Although I don’t feel guilty. I’ll survive some muscle pain and blisters after I push my out-of-shape body to do a kilometer more. It’s like staring at a blank paper for days without getting any ideas and suddenly a moment of inspiration strikes and you could write a whole novel. These flashes are rare, so it’s a shame to let them go.

It looks simple on paper, but, but! Yes, I know, as an ex white-collar worker I’d spend days working on computers and yearning for pleasant sunrays outside that were reflecting off the last snow patches, I completely understand how you feel. When you have inspiration there’s no time, but when you have time the inspiration transforms into spring fatigue. The best parts of days, as if on cue, are at times when you have to work and earn your crust (and steak), and the evenings are exhausted, cold and lack charm and attraction. When days finally get longer, spring is long gone.

I face that challenge from a new perspective. I put running equipment in the backpack of my car, so it’s always at hand. When the moments of inspiration strike, I complete what I’m doing at that moment as soon as possible and run to the nature for an hour at least. It does a world of good to me! Would you like to try? Choose a day to skip lunch and go on a run about the town instead. Or on the way or during the meetings use that hour of break for stretching your legs with running. When you come back explain that the reason for blush on your face is a brand-new love. Let them think what they want. Bon appétit!

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