Create a running program, adjusted to your abilities and goals

PlanGoRun works with the individual personal information of the runner, which result in excellently precise and user-friendly training programs. You can choose between various difficulty levels, which are distinguished by difficulty, quantity of training sessions and preparation for 5, 10, 21 or 42 kilometers long running trials. Creating a running plan is simple. Follow these 3 steps and take up running today.

  1. 1.step: create a PlanGoRun account. The service is available only for registered users. prijavo You will be kindly asked to entrust us some of your basic personal information, which will be secured and processed for your own use of the application PlanGoRun only.

  2. 2.step: insert data of one of your last running sessions. This will help with creating a custom training plan – for example:
    • o gender,
    • o age,
    • o pulse in resting state (measure your pulse in the morning while lying, on the left wrist, for 60 seconds),
    • o timing of the last running session (time you spent running a certain distance in the last session),
    • o distance (the distance you ran in the last session).

  3. 3.step: choose the type of training and create the account. You can choose between different types of training based on your goal:
    • o fitness running: for those who would like to add running into comprehensive, functional training (using weights and/or own body weight). Running programs include interval running, which enables quicker progress and high metabolic response,
    • o losing weight: for body shaping – increases the metabolic response. Combines racewalking, uphill walking and running. Programs can be made more challenging with adding interval training,
    • o base running: for those whose main activity is running, but are not interested in competing. This program is suitable for those who would like to make progress in running and train safely and healthy.
    • o running: for runners who are preparing for the running races with already noted date of the race. Running programs will be created for max. 7 months in advance.
    • o You will be asked to insert certain additional parameters based on the goal you have chosen. Once you have inserted this information, you will be offered some running programs. Choose the one which suits you most and you can start with your first training session.