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The app PlanGoRun is a result of many years of development in top-class sport, with running groups and individuals. PlanGoRun includes all parameters of topmost training and creates a training program on progressive principle and evaluates the runner’s physical condition (based on inserted data, for example) and the period of time you want to use for training (the date of the race you’re preparing for, for example). The app PlanGoRun is available for all registered users and the running program can be created quickly and easily.


“PlanGoRun is an excellent online app for creating individual running programs. The basis for creating a training plan is individual ability of the runner because the program takes into account the runner’s physical condition, based on the test or the last distance the runner ran, the amount of time used for training and the date when the runners has to prepared or in form.” 

Who is Marko Mrak

Marko Mrak contributed to the professional side of trainings, calculations, estimations and especially “artificial intelligence” – how the calculations work, how the trainings are made and on which input data are based. Marko is a top-class conditioning and fitness coach (Faculty of Kinesiology, Zagreb and Faculty of Sports, Ljubljana) working in top-class sport. In the last 15 years he’s made impressive achievements: a silver medal with Montenegrin women’s handball national team in the 2012 Olympics in London, a gold medal in the European Handball Championship in 2012 and in 2014 they took fourth place. He won the Women’s Handball Champions League three times (with Krim Ljubljana in 2002 and with Budućnost Podgorica in 2012 and 2015), broke the world record in swimming in 2002 and won eight European championship titles with Peter Mankoč, and many more medals with different top-class athletes. srebrno olimpijsko medaljo v Londonu 2012, zlato na evropskem prvenstvu 2012 in četrto mesto 2014, trikrat je z rokometašicami osvojil Ligo prvakinj (2002: Krim Ljubljana, 2012 in 2015: Budućnost Podgorica), s Petrom Mankočem svetovni rekord v plavanju 2002 in osem evropskih naslovov ter še veliko različnih odličij z različnimi vrhunskimi športniki.


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“Running has always been my passion. I’d like to contribute to the evolvement of training and running itself with my knowledge and experience. This is why I developed the app PlanGoRun for all the running enthusiasts which will help them train correctly, run faster and achieve excellent running results.”