PlanGoRun – our challenge

PlanGoRun – our challenge

The beginning is always difficult …

I travel a lot and when I’m up in the sky, I’m always thinking about new challenges and feats. And that’s how this article was written, above the clouds – not with head in the clouds – because sometimes one has to fly high to go far. For the last few years, my biggest challenge is PlanGoRun, an app for runners, designed to help both the beginners and more experienced runners to improve their performance. The first version of PGR was launched in 2015 and worked for one year. Then I decided to call it off because the development costs were too high. It also had some essential flaws and wasn’t supported to use it on smartphones and tablets. Many years of work shut down in one day and so did I. The decision to finally give up the app was one of the most difficult decisions in that period. My heart was broken, but I realized that the development really didn’t go in the right direction.

Where there’s a will there’s a way

The following period was full of thinking about the app – how to start over. I know many people and, fortunately, many people know me, so it didn’t take long to connect with the company RCL Computer Engineering. We quickly agreed to take a new challenge together, to start from scratch and create something new. It didn’t go smoothly as there were problems with the implementation of already operative application for training planning. To be honest, the most time-consuming was discussing back and forth with unsuccessful developers whose job was to insert the existing app into the new website. The goal was clear – everything has to be perfect, the program has to work flawlessly. This time last year it seemed that we were on the verge of launching the website, but sadly some problems started popping up again.

In the last three months, with great dedication, learning and steps forward (sometimes backwards 😊), we’ve developed PlanGoRun to the point we can finally give it the green light. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t simple, however, the wish to offer the runners the best of the best has pushed us forward. Therefore, PlanGoRun is here and we’ll strive to make it even better. We needed a step forward like this one today to present the solution to the public. We believe that with your help we will be even better and build the future together.

I’m happy for what it has become because PlanGoRun is our “child” which we raise together and is growing up with you and us. It’s getting bigger, smarter and sometimes, when it plays tricks on us, mischievous. Be patient, try not to be upset if everything is not as it should be. Take it as raising a child, when occasionally you miss something, but you don’t realize it until somebody opens your eyes.

Running training for everyone

In PlanGoRun there are more than hundred different training plans for four different levels of training which plan 3 to 5 days of training a week:

  • building foundations (BASE),
  • making progress in technique, endurance, speed and efficiency (BUILD-UP),
  • upgrading physical condition for a running race (FORM),
  • fitness training for those who would like to optimize the time spent on training (INTERVAL TRAINING).

Sometimes you might disagree with planning and training itself. I’m aware that we all have jobs, duties and family, so we have to make sure we use training sessions as wisely as possible. There are plenty of training systems available. Some emphasize distance, some speed, some intervals, and some the amount of training sessions.

Train and make progress

I learned that in top-class sport the most essential is the manner of training. If you train slowly, you’ll be slow. If you train fast, you’ll be fast. But the basic component is the notion that on the other side there are people who need a plan to make linear progress. A plan like that has to consist of all elements of progressive planning where all of the essential training components and the goal are activated.

Of course, in sport, there are thousand ways of how to get to the finish line. As every painter has his/her own style, every coach has his/her own way of planning training sessions (and reaching the goal) as well. My work with top-class athletes probably wouldn’t have been that successful if I didn’t plan the trainings and try to be creative, and above all different from the others. My motto has always been and still is the same – have advantage over the competition both in ideas and training sessions.

PlanGoRun is your training “plan” for running. It gives you enough freedom and it’s not overloading. It’s fun, sometimes hard, but overall takes into account your training days, hours, speed and the goal.

Let’s run together hand in hand. PlanGoRun is at your service for top-class trainings and you can above all enjoy your running! This is how we will continue to win together.

Marko Mrak

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